Lifesong by Julia Blake

Lifesong is a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, carrying with it an ecological message and a gentle love story.

It’s a beautiful story about a young woman who has an amazing ability to seek out the lifesong of others. This leads her to a wonderfully happy time in her life but it isn’t long before she finds that, after crossing the universe, she is trapped on our world. But what kind of a world is it that has no lifesong, and that seems determined on its own destruction?

Julia Blake’s thought-provoking and heart-warming story is perfect as a novella. The story is concise and fast flowing. It has a lyrical quality to it and is beautifully written.

I highly recommended Lifesong.

It’s a story you will want to read more than once.


My new eBook ‘Love The Gift’

An update since LOVE THE GIFT was published.

My eBook Love The Gift was published on Amazon on 28 August 2015. Thank you to everyone who purchased it. I hope you enjoyed the read.

Love The Gift has since been published on Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo, and other fine eBook retailers.

Cover 3 700x400
This is the cover of Love The Gift