About Ellen

About Ellen, the Author.

EllenI was born in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. I have always enjoyed reading, even from a young age. Books took me into a world of wonder and enjoyment that the real world could never quite p
rovide. As an only child, I made up stories about fairies and little people in other worlds. When I was eighteen, I started writing my first book. Several novels followed, which are now in the proverbial bottom drawer, and will probably never see the light of day.

Then some of my other interests took over – dance, music and musical theatre. I was a ballroom dancing teacher for many years and also worked in Performing Arts administration. I thoroughly enjoyed singing in choirs and I was on the Management Committee of North Queensland Opera & Music Theatre, and the Australian Concerto & Vocal Competition. As a founding member of the Performing Arts Historical Society Townsville (PAHST), my involvement continues, despite my return to writing. However, all the years I worked on shows and in the performing arts area, I had little time to write, although my longing to do so never diminished. I am thrilled that I have now returned to my writing.

Reading still remains one of my favourite things to do. My other passion is photography. I love to photograph flowers, landscapes and architecture. My website features many of my photos.



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