Photography is a great love of mine, when I’m not writing books or even when I am. I enjoy taking photos of flowers. I frequently turn them into photoart.

I also love my garden. Recently, I changed to more Australian native plants than I previously had but I like mixing in a few others. Mainly, I love flowers.

The top left are Grape Petunias that grow in clumps and are smaller than many other petunias. These are just as showy and the purple is stunning.

Top right is a Kangaroo Paw. Kangaroo paw is the common name for a number of species that are endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. However many are now cultivated and can be bought in plant nurseries. They have unique bird-attracting flowers. I also have a red flowered one that is equally as stunning.

The bottom left photo is Scaevola aemula, or the fan-flower, native to southern Australia. It grows very well in my sub-tropical climate. The flowers fan out and are beautiful.

The bottom centre photo is of a Double Impatien. I have a few colours and I also have a single flower. I love the doubles as they resemble little roses.

Bottom right is an Osteospermum, also known as African daisies. This is the only colour I have of this one and it’s a stunner.

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the photos. I hope to do a regular blog on my flowers and my garden.

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