I’m very excited to announce the release date for my second book THE INCA’S CURSE

Book 2 in The Thornton Mysteries

Benedict says this quote below to Alexandra.
“You are a part of my soul, part of my every thought, my every action. I breathe for you. I exist for you.”

How romantic is he? 😊🌹

The book is historical fiction/cosy murder mystery/romance.
Out soon!
Crimson Cloak Publishing

Set in 1928 in Victoria, Australia. The Thornton family made its money in the goldfields during the 1850s and the antiques trade. Thornton Park is their lavish mansion close to Melbourne. They also own a home and a goldmine in Daylesford, in the heart of Victoria, where their close friends, the Bassetti family, are part of a thriving Swiss-Italian community.

Alexandra Thornton has married Benedict Archer. On their honeymoon in Daylesford, Alexandra’s pearls are stolen and within days there are two murders.

Back at Thornton Park, Alexandra discovers a secret compartment in a desk. Inside is a gold and diamond necklace and a letter written by her grandfather, James Thornton. It’s a love letter, Alexandra assumes written to his wife after her death. He claims the necklace is cursed. 

After further investigation, Alexandra uncovers the deaths of two miners at Thornton Goldmine. 

The family return to Daylesford where Thomas Thornton is accused of murder.

Alexandra is determined to work out how it all connects. 

What is the link to the Inca Emperor Atahualpa? Is it gold? 

Is gold the curse?


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