Review: Broken by Ellen Read

Thank you to KattitudeReads for this wonderful review of BROKEN


A breathtaking cover. 💜

Broken by Ellen Read is a bittersweetly breathtaking short story of profound loss and the unparalleled healing that only love can bestow.

After a horrific tragedy, Rachel Watson flees her family’s lavender farm, leaving behind everything she’s ever known to escape the crippling pain.

“She’d been a coward and run off…”

Three years later, stifling solitude, workplace bullying, and her big sister draw Rachel back home to Darling Downs. As she returns to where it all began, Rachel is shrouded in grief and shame at abandoning her sister all those years ago. Does she even deserve forgiveness, after what she’s done? Is she strong enough to face what haunts her?

“A purple haze over the landscape…”

It’s amongst the hushed, tranquil fields of lavender that Rachel meets Ebony, a horse drowning in the trauma of her own painful past.

“Something in the horse’s stare reached out…”

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