Heart of a Warrior by Denna Holm

Heart of a Warrior is the fourth book by Denna Holm in her Immortal Warriors series.

Each book is definitely a standalone. I haven’t read the first three books and I followed this story without any difficulty.

The story, along with the engaging and well-drawn characters, drew me into its pages from the very first start.

In the beginning, we meet Elena Murphy as she prepares her ranch for an approaching storm, but not all of her chills are because of the thunder on the horizon. She thinks of Gabriel, the dark-haired, ancient vampire who often visits Earth from his home planet of Laizahlia. Elena can sense he’s close. Would he show himself to her? He watches over her and protects her, but from a distance.

Elena is expecting visitors – Cami Benton is sixteen and her brother Ryan, who is eight. They’re going to spend the weekend with her. She has a strong connection to the children, partly because their own home life is stressful, with their parents’ divorce. Only when their father Martin, who has driven them to Elena’s home, makes unwanted advances to Elena, does Gabriel appear, a tall, daunting figure, in his black leather of a Laizhalian Hunter.

Once Martin has run away, Gabriel helps Elena get her horses in before the storm hits. Once it hits, the storm brings more than thunder and lightning.

I don’t want to write any spoilers, so let me say from here on is a desperate and urgent journey across the universes, to strange planets with wonderful live forms, some more weird and dangerous than others. We also meet werewolves and shape-shifters.

Denna Holm has imagined these worlds and their inhabitants so fully that I slipped into them as if I were really there.

I also loved the romance and UST (unresolved sexual tension) between Elena and Gabriel.

I highly recommend this book to young adult (the older side of young adult as there are some detailed sexual scenes) and adult readers who love sci-fi, fantasy, vampires and a great love story. There’s plenty of action and excitement to please everyone.

I’ll certainly be going back to read the first three books.

A 5-star read.

Review: Broken by Ellen Read

Thank you to KattitudeReads for this wonderful review of BROKEN


A breathtaking cover. 💜

Broken by Ellen Read is a bittersweetly breathtaking short story of profound loss and the unparalleled healing that only love can bestow.

After a horrific tragedy, Rachel Watson flees her family’s lavender farm, leaving behind everything she’s ever known to escape the crippling pain.

“She’d been a coward and run off…”

Three years later, stifling solitude, workplace bullying, and her big sister draw Rachel back home to Darling Downs. As she returns to where it all began, Rachel is shrouded in grief and shame at abandoning her sister all those years ago. Does she even deserve forgiveness, after what she’s done? Is she strong enough to face what haunts her?

“A purple haze over the landscape…”

It’s amongst the hushed, tranquil fields of lavender that Rachel meets Ebony, a horse drowning in the trauma of her own painful past.

“Something in the horse’s stare reached out…”

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