Review: Hell’s Teeth by James Fahy

Hell's Teeth

Hell’s Teeth by James Fahy

A phone call wakes Phoebe Harkness at 3.00am.

‘At that godless hour, it’s only ever one of two things. Somebody’s dead, or somebody’s drunk.

Unfortunately for me it was the former.’

From this gripping opening, James Fahy’s fast-paced story held me every step of the way.

New Oxford. In a new world after war has ravaged the old, Dr Phoebe Harkness hurries to uncover a mystery of a terrible crime. In the process, she must go into dark areas of the city, and try to get out again alive. In this new world, humans co-exist with Vampires, GOs (Genetic Others), Pales and Bonewalkers. James Fahy’s world-building is excellent and is delivered with complete ease to the reader.

The characters are fantastic. I’ve read James Fahy’s Isle of Winds and I found the same in that story – wonderful, well-rounded characters that leap off the page. Chief of these is Phoebe who is tough, witty and smart.

I found the story gripping, compelling, and exciting, with a good dose of humour, and with a thrilling, nail-biting conclusion.

This is a 5 Star read.


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