Last edit finished on my new novel

My manuscript

The last edit of my new novel is finished! I’m so thrilled.

Now for proof reading!

I will do a cover and title reveal soon.

This book is a mystery set in Victoria, Australia in 1927.

A dragon statue.  An ancient sword.  A body in the orchard.

Alexandra Thornton is determined to discover how these things are connected to the  antiques her great-grandfather brought with him from Hong Kong so many years ago.

What treasure is worth killing to possess?



Review: A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald by Natasha Lester

A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald by Natasha Lester

A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald

I loved this book and don’t hesitate to give it 5 stars.

It’s the 1920s in Manhattan. A new era where women enjoy more freedom but not without a struggle to achieve it.

Evie Lockhart is one of these women. Evie wants to follow her dream of being an obstetrician but even in New York with its gin, jazz, glitter and modernity, a woman wanting to become a doctor is all but ostracized.

After leaving her comfortable home, her conservative family, and Charlie – the boy next door who she is expected to marry, Evie is alone and has to pay her own way in medical school. To do this she joins the Ziegfeld Follies.

The alluring Thomas Whitman, an Upper East Side banker, a man she could easily love, is also the boy next door. But a Ziegfeld girl, who also wants to be a doctor, has no chance of marrying such a man. Her scandalous life would drag him down.

Evie must decide. Should she let Thomas go or give up everything she has worked for?

Natasha Lester has written a lively story, with compelling, lovable characters. It is well researched and brings the era alive.

I enjoyed Natasha Lester’s writing style, with her humour and quick quips.

This story will carry you along with hope, laughter, love, and sadness.

I would certainly recommend it to everyone who wants a good read, and who enjoys the jazz age with its vibrancy, fashions and music.

Review: Hell’s Teeth by James Fahy

Hell's Teeth

Hell’s Teeth by James Fahy

A phone call wakes Phoebe Harkness at 3.00am.

‘At that godless hour, it’s only ever one of two things. Somebody’s dead, or somebody’s drunk.

Unfortunately for me it was the former.’

From this gripping opening, James Fahy’s fast-paced story held me every step of the way.

New Oxford. In a new world after war has ravaged the old, Dr Phoebe Harkness hurries to uncover a mystery of a terrible crime. In the process, she must go into dark areas of the city, and try to get out again alive. In this new world, humans co-exist with Vampires, GOs (Genetic Others), Pales and Bonewalkers. James Fahy’s world-building is excellent and is delivered with complete ease to the reader.

The characters are fantastic. I’ve read James Fahy’s Isle of Winds and I found the same in that story – wonderful, well-rounded characters that leap off the page. Chief of these is Phoebe who is tough, witty and smart.

I found the story gripping, compelling, and exciting, with a good dose of humour, and with a thrilling, nail-biting conclusion.

This is a 5 Star read.

ISLE OF WINDS by James Fahy

Isle of Winds 2

Isle of Winds by English author James Fahy

(Book One of The Changeling Series.)

The girl raced through the forest, tumbling through deep drifts of autumn leaves. Moonlight washed down from the starry sky, illuminating her darting figure.

In appearance she was eleven years old. A hunted creature. To judge from her odd clothing of ragged pants, a dirty t-shirt, and a large overcoat patched together from various animal skins, she seemed a homeless orphan. A helpless, young waif.

This, she was not.

From these opening lines, I was hooked.

James Fahy creates a very believable but mysterious world and I enjoyed my journey into Netherworlde with Karya, Robin and the endearing Woad. Each character is so well-formed and I adored them all, from Henry to Mr Strife.

I loved that in this ancient land of Netherworlde, James Fahy has given a nod to archetypal symbolism, such as the Oracle, and a literary nod to Midsummer Night’s Dream with King Oberon and Queen Tatiana.

The story is so well-written, with a tight page-turning plot. I would recommend this book to everyone. At times, I had to stop and remember that the characters are young. It made no difference. This read is for all ages.

A 5 Star read!