Cover 3 700x400
Love The Gift

Can a woman who has been dead for over one hundred years help Mark come to terms with the grief he feels over his mother’s death and find the woman he’s always loved?

Love The Gift is a love story with a difference. It is a romance with a male protagonist. Mark is an artist. He has an artist’s soul. His mother has always been his rock in life, especially after his father’s death. When she dies, Beth, Mark’s best friend, invites him to stay at her family home. He knows she wants to help him get over his grief. He’s pleased because Beth has always known when he needs her.

Mark occupies the bedroom of Beth’s great-great-aunt Charlotte who died young in 1905. Her portrait in the room mesmerizes him. On the first evening, after dinner, Beth tells Mark that she loves him. He feels an idiot not to have ever suspected it but he can’t deal with it now.

Back in his bedroom – Charlotte’s bedroom – he selects a book of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poems from the bookshelf and opens at his favourite, The Millers Daughter. Unable to concentrate, he steps outside into a walled garden that leads off the bedroom and is shocked to find he is in a sunny afternoon in 1905, with Charlotte in the garden to greet him. She is sitting on a garden seat reading The Millers Daughter.

Afterwards, he doesn’t know if he was dreaming or if it really happened.

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